About Melon Box Designs

Look Good, Feel Good Jewelry

Inspired Jewelry for the conscious soul.

It begins with a passion that gets carried out in motion. A desire to create a life-changing product with a calling to serve and heal.

Melon Box Designs started its journey by creating unique, personalized jewelry through combining energies of semi-precious gemstones and crystals with an exquisite design. Zaina Darseh, the founder, always had an eye for fashion and design. Arts and Photography were one of her favourite things to do. Finally, finding a way to combine her passions, talents, and previous expertise over the course of her career-life, to make a difference in people’s lives, to help them become self-empowered, and centred. With all her heart, she is in the right place, at the right time, doing what feels right.

Making jewelry is a dream come true. Working with crystals and feeling their positive impact on her health, relationships and life in general is a key motivating factor in pursuing this venture. The desire to have every client benefit from the jewelry she creates, gives her a sense of gratitude. Happily, she learns more about these beautiful stones everyday and gets to incorporate their healing properties in a fashionable design for everyone to enjoy.

Look good and feel good is not only Melon Box Designs’ motto, but it is a promise to all clients. Each person deserves to have a personalized-piece that heals, protects and serves the unique purpose, meant for each individual. It is our mission to work with every client to give them a piece of jewelry their hearts desire, energy needs, and life attracts.

Melon Box Designs pays special attention to select the right stones, and the right materials from trusted sources for an authentic product. Melon Box designs is continually growing, while incorporating more natural elements to our unique designs.