Care for your Mala

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Consider your mala a sacred piece of jewelry, that needs to be given respect and taken care of. Likely, you have chosen your mala with your intuition, intending to use it for as long as you can. It makes sense then to care for it from the moment you receive it and throughout your usage.

What to do when you receive your mala:

It is advised that as soon as you receive your mala, to cleanse it and set an intention before wearing for the first time. Your intention can be inspired by the healing characteristics of the stones you selected, or your own inner desires. 

How to cleanse a mala:

We encourage you to cleanse your mala before your first use as well as whenever you feel it is necessary. The beads are believed to absorb and store energy.

  • Let it rest either in sunlight or moonlight, especially in a full moon light
  • Burn white sage while holding it and allowing the smoke to envelop the mala
  • Charge it by using a singing bowl which produces cleansing sound and vibration
  • Place it among other stones to allow it to pick up their healing vibrations

Important tips:

  • Avoid sleeping with it
  • Avoid getting wet 
  • Do not expose to perfumes
  • Avoid excessive sunlight
  • Do not use cleaning products or chemicals for cleaning 
  • Avoid wearing in situations where it can get tangled or pulled
  • Do not leave out in the open to prevent being exposed to negative energy and/or harsh sunlight 
  • Store in a pouch or protective container for longevity

What if it breaks:

A mala is a delicate piece that may be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist or held in a meditation practice. The constant use of it, can and might eventually cause the mala to break and the beads to scatter. This is not necessarily a bad sign. It simply means, this mala has done for you what it was meant to do, it is now time to move on to another stone, perhaps another intention. Take this is as a sign for your growth and moving forward to the next stage in your journey.

Our malas are carefully designed for you, with the stones that you need for your personal intentions. They are not only made as a beautiful adornment, but also a powerful tool with a sacred meaning for your practice. 

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Written by Rania Effat