Meditation and Crystals

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Purpose of Meditation

According to researchers, a person’s day is mostly spent in a beta brain wave state. This is a state of awaking awareness, concentration, and logical thinking, which can be exhausting. When meditating, the brain produces alpha brain waves, a state of relaxation and nonarousal, and theta brain waves, a state of dreaming, creativity, and meditation. A regular practice of meditation can improve memory, promote relaxation, increase concentration, increase creativity, and boost energy levels.

Meditation Methods

It is important to know that there is no right or wrong way in practicing Meditation. It is about being fully present in the mind and body. It can be practiced in many ways. The objective is to achieve a relaxed state by gently observing your thoughts without judgment, and allowing yourself to be present in the space, while noticing your breath and physical sensations. You can focus on an idea, chant a phrase, listen to calming music or in absolute silence. You choose what is best for you. You can sit in a lotus position or you can lay down. You can try all methods and you may like to alternate between techniques or stick to one. It is all up to you. 

Here are a few examples you can try:

Deep Breathing: inhale and exhale, breathe slowly and deeply, gently focus attention on the breath when your mind wanders.
Walking Meditation: can be done walking in a forest, on the beach, or a mall. Focus on the movement of your feet, while either repeating a word in your mind or by focusing on the breath as you move each step.

Mindfulness Meditation: focusing on awareness of the breath, body, mind, and environment. It is about being unconditionally present with whatever is happening.

Centering Prayer: establishing a deep and personal connection with God through silence and stillness.

Vibrational and Sound Meditation: can choose to use mantras, chanting, singing bowls, drums or music with nature sounds.

Kundalini Meditation: involves a series of fluid yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques that work together to release physical and spiritual energy.

Meditating with your Crystal

Now that you have an idea what meditation is about, let me share with you how you can enhance your meditation practice by incorporating crystals.

You can either hold the stone you choose in the palm of your hands, or you can place over your third eye chakra (the space between your eyebrows). You simply focus on your intention, while acknowledging whatever thoughts cross your mind, and focusing on your breath. Allow the stone to choose you, and guide you through your practice in order to magnify the results you wish to achieve.

Meditation with crystals can deepen the practice, raise awareness, reinforce intentions, and help in cleansing emotions and thoughts.

Our gift sets are perfect for your meditation practice as it provides you with a small stone that you can use for this purpose among others. In addition, you can wear your bracelet anytime when you feel you need the healing energy of the stone you chose. We are here to help provide you with the right product just for you. 

Written by Rania Effat