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What are Malas?

A mala can be a significant part of your yoga practice and for meditation. But they are becoming more popular now as a conscious choice for jewelry.

“Malas are a string of prayer beads. In the West, a mala is commonly called a rosary. A mala has 108 beads, plus a larger guru bead. A wrist mala has 27, 36, or 54 beads, plus a guru bead. All of these numbers – 108, 54, 36, and 27 – are sacred numbers in numerology, with digits that add up to nine. The mala is an external aid to doing mantra. You recite the mantra as you pass the beads through your fingers. The feeling of the beads moving through your fingers is a wonderful centering device.” – Excerpted from

Malas for your practice

While it is not a must to use a mala while practicing your meditation or yoga, it is however a fantastic compliment to your practice. It helps when your mind wanders and introduces positive thought patterns. It can slow down your respiratory system, improve your health and well-being.

Meditators and Yogis may use their mala for their practice while repeating a mantra. A mantra can be repetitive words or sounds recited silently in the mind or out loud. The recitation of a word or sound can help you deepen your practice resulting in transformative effects. One of the most popular mantras is the sound of ‘OM’, allowing you to be grounded and centered.

A mala is not only used for Meditation and Yoga practice. Many are using their hand-made mala to decorate their homes, their alters or wearing as a necklace as part of their ongoing spiritual practice. They are a beautiful piece of jewelry that can also be worn on your wrist, by wrapping a few times around. It is advisable to wear around the right wrist for best results.

Our Malas

Here at Melon Box Designs, we strive to provide you with custom-made mala beads necklaces that suit your special needs.

Choose your special stone and colors using your intuition, for a personalized experience. To get the best use out of your mala, bless with an intention or wish. Use your mala during your practice or wear around your neck to benefit from the healing powers of the stone you chose. Order a Mala for yourself or give as a gift to a loved one to commemorate a special occasion.

As always, we like to hear from you. Drop us a line and share with us how your mala has affected your life.

Written by Rania Effat