The History of Crystals and how it relates to today's Jewlery

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The use of crystals can be traced back to many civilizations known to man. It has been known for a long time for its importance in healing, grounding, and other special properties. In our modern times, discoveries and research are directing us back to our ancestors and their knowledge of crystals. Yet, it seems we are only touching the very beginnings of a vast forgotten technology.

Crystals have been used for thousand of years in different forms, specifically in jewelry, and the evidence has been discovered to go as far back as the earliest civilizations.

The early Sumerians made beads of obsidian, red carnelian and lapis lazuli, and at times mixing with gold to make jewellery. It was also discovered that men and women in that era, wore jewels equally, as it was believed that the crystal would keep away the evil spirits.

The ancient Egyptians used quartz, carnelian, obsidian, malachite, and turquoise among other crystals in their death masks, in their crowns and in their personal jewelry. Some records even state that Cleopatra was said to have her makeup prepared by mixing wax with lapis lazuli.

The Greeks also wore jewelry made from agates, turquoise and carnelian. They used it as they believed crystals were gifts from the Gods and in wearing them, they were closer to the heavens. It was even said that the naming of ‘crystals’ derived from the greek translation of the word “ice”. They believed that the clear quartz crystal was a special ice.

The Romans used amethyst and jasper in jewelry worn around their necks for protection. It has been said that soldiers and gladiators used those jewelry to help them during wars.

The Chinese have been known to use jade to bring abundance and prosperity.The traditions of their ancient civilization have continued on and is widely used in more advanced forms in today’s world.

The Native Americans used crystals as talismans and as carvings of images of their myths. Crystal beads were shaped and weaved into dream catchers, and some tribes wore crystal beads in their hair as it was believed it would help heal the sick and protect their community.

The Mayans used crystals in their statues. The Druids understood that wearing crystals over specific acupuncture points of the body helped the physical health as well as the individual’s energy flow. The aboriginals in Australia used quartz crystals to cause rainfall. Among other civilizations and history, it has been concluded that the use of crystal for healing has been long known and proven.

Can it be a coincidence that the same discoveries, the same conclusions and the same studies and research were taking place by different cultures at diffident times in our history?

Times have changed and nowadays, people are more interested in wearing fashionable jewelry, and perhaps the emphasis on social status has been a factor in wearing expensive pieces. However, there is a noticeable change in today’s society, as people are developing the need to reconnect with their inner self and our earth. Thus making conscious choices in wearing jewelry that promotes healing and choosing the crystal that serves their needs.

Written by Rania Effat