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We are a web-based business that focuses on creating beautiful and inspirational jewelry made with semi-precious stones and crystals for women and men. This business was sparked by he idea of implement fashionable jewelry with a personalized-meaning. Melon Box Designs is thriving and continuing to expand its line and brand simultaneously. We do so, by keeping ourselves informed about the latest fashion trends and styles. 

Protection Collection

I’m excited to introduce our new collection “Protection”. A collection inspired by the most iconic and most recognized symbol in the world the “Evil Eye”. This symbol believed to provide protection against evil intentions, jealousy and harm. Every element of this collection such as crystals and other symbols are added to help protect us from negative and unwanted energies around us. 

Look good and feel good and grab your bracelet today, take a deep breath in. Remind yourself with every breath you take that you are safe!


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